Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

After a long and hot summer, autumn is around the corner and it's time to say goodbye to short skirts and bikinis.

Here is a list with 10 ideas you'll need in your wardrobe this autumn.

When you want to get comfortable and wear something warm, go for sweaters. they are soft and they'll keep you warm

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Warm dress
You can still wear dresses. Just go for thicker materials, long sleeves, and hems. You can put on your stockings when days get colder.

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Jeans are the type of pants that are casual and looks perfect with everything. So you can pair your knits and sweaters with your favorite jeans.

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For lazy days you can wear joggers. They're warm and comfy.

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Cardigans add a little something to your outfit and make it comfier. They are very cozy and are the best to keep you warm in the cold days.

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Invest in a good and classic jacket to stay warm in the Autumn breezes. Leather jackets, trench coats maybe something furry etc. your choice.

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Perfect shoes
Choose your perfect shoes for walking in the leafy streets. If you ask me I think that everyone needs a great and comfortable pair of shoes. In fall you'll need some warm shoes to walk.

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Scarfs will keep you warm in the fall plus they look very cute.

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They'll keep your hands warm and you can match them with your scarf.

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I love accessories especially in gold. Make a statement and accessorize with your favorite pieces of jewelry and a bag.

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