Living in permanent darkness.
Waiting to get away from my worries.
Waiting for the sun to shine again.
Let's just run way.

Looking in your eyes.
Seeing the pain,the sadness.
Seeing my feelings in your eyes.
Let's just run away.

Sick of these dark,grey clouds.
Sick of these days with no end.
Sick of these robotic crowds.
Let's just run away.

Dreaming of pink and yellow flowers.
Dreaming of blue,clear oceans.
Dreaming of better,lighter hours.
Let's just run away.

I know you feel the same.
I know you're secretly craving some sunshine.
I know you don't like the rain.
Let's just run away.

Lets drive until we finally see the sun.
Until we can finally breathe clear air.
Until we can have it again,the fun.
Let's just run way.

Let's drive until we said good-bye to our pain.
Until we can dance like we're out of our minds.
Until i can hear you singing in the shower again.
Let's just run away.

It doesn't matter what will be.
It doesn't matter what we leave behind.
All that matters is you and me.
Let's just run away.

So,drive until we see the stars again.
Drive untill I laugh again.
Drive untill the radio plays again.
Let's just run away.