The monstrous winds shook the scared houses as the sky cried that night. The sky wasn't the only thing that was crying that night, as Kayla laid in her bed she wept. She not was afraid of the weather but her and her husband were fighting. He left after a heated argument. It was 12 am and he still hadn't returned. All she could think of was him out there hurt, wet, and cold. He hadn't even taken his cellphone. She was angry that he was being so selfish. They just had a baby 10 months ago and now he wants another. He wasn't the one whose body was experiencing the pain and hormonal insanity, sure he was there for her but it wasn't the same. He had gotten angry that she said no for the fourth time and claimed that she knew how many kids he wanted before they had gotten married. She tossed and turned for hours hoping he would return soon. Just as she was checking on her baby, she heard the doorbell ring.