Hey there! I've noticed a lot of sad people lately and thought it might be nice to spread some happiness...Here are some things that might help cheer you up when you are sad!

1. Plan a travel notebook! Do some research on places you want to go that are local and far, and write the names down and the location. (Ex: Disney World, or Rome, etc). This notebook will be your bible! Look up pretty photographs, and print them with their location in your book!

2. Have a cup of chai tea with milk and sugar! Green tea also works

3. Watch a sitcom...I like The Office. Also watching things like Harry Potter, or Once Upon A Time has been effective for me

4. Make yourself a "Jams" playlist. The are the songs that never fail to get you beyond turnt! Play that playlist when you are sad

5. Take a nice warm bath with essential oils, candles, and the latest issue of Vogue! Don't forget to bring the champagne and a healthy snack

6. Make a mood board/collage on a poster board. You can cut out things from Instyle and Vogue, or use pretty images from online

7. Write and read. I have a Wattpad account. On it, you can read other people's works and create your own. Reading is also good for feeling sad. I like A Monster Calls, The Selection Series, The Siren, and The Hunger Games!

8. Online shopping is key. I use Zaful.com, Amazon, Target.com, Forever21.com, That'sSo Aesthetic.com and Lush

9. Try to make a list of things that you associate with happiness (Ex: warm, orangey sun coming through the window in the morning, making the cream walls glow, or gooey cinnamon buns in a foreign country). You can even start a Happiness collection on WHI

10. Animal Snuggles

That's it babes! I really hope you can find happiness in every single day. Remember, it's okay to feel sad, anxious, and depressed sometimes, even for no reason...Just pick yourself up and take good care of your mind, body, and spirit!

XX Willow