I can’t be the only one who misses my childhood. Everything was so much funnier and way more exciting when we were just little kids playing around and exploring everything. Nowadays most of us spend waaaay too much time on social media, Netflix, Youtube and so on, instead of doing things out ‘in the real world’ that can really make us smile and feel happy deep down in our souls. Therefore, I have made this list of some things I know most of us used to do when we were kids, and I think we would all feel really great if we started doing these things again. So.. let’s be kids!

Rollerblades, skateboard, yo-yo, hula hoop, one-wheeled bike - you name it

Maybe you have some of these things lying somewhere in your house or in the garage, but if you don’t; go out and buy it! First of all it is so much fun, but you will also feel so cool and proud of yourself every time you learn a new skill. It doesn’t matter if it takes a lot of time or isn’t the most awesome skill in the world - the important thing is that you’re working for something and developing!

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Jump in puddles

When it has rained all day and there’s puddles everywhere, don’t you feel an inner desire to jump in them or walk through them with long, heavy steps like you used to when you were younger? Well, do it! And try not to feel stupid while jumping up and down as high as you can.. it's good for the soul!

Draw and paint

It’s calming, it’s fun, it stimulates your creativity and you develop pretty quickly, which gives you motivation to continue. If you have no clue what to draw or paint, then search for inspiration here on WHI or buy some books with ideas and tips. You can also just begin with making lines, circles or squares and in that way make a pattern. It’s all up to you. Be creative!

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Don't think too much

I don’t know about you, but I tend to worry a lot. About what people might think of me, about how different situations might turn out, and about things I haven’t tried before or isn’t sure that I can do. I didn’t do that as a kid. It’s a stupid habit that I’ve gotten throughout the years and I’m so sick of it, because most of the stuff we’re worrying about doesn’t even end up happening! So let’s stop this lame habit NOW and think positive instead! It’s easier said than done, but how about we give it a try!

Start a collection

When I was a kid I had so many different collections, and it gave me such a kick when I found something I could add to one of them. So start collecting stuff and get some kicks out of it! Maybe you're into cool and beautiful stones, bottle caps, leaves and flowers, retro stuff, stamps.. the list is long - choose something you think is interesting!

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Make a puzzle

Put on some cosy music, find a challenging puzzle, and sit down for maybe an hour trying to solve it. Try to look as little as possible at how it is supposed to turn out. In that way you’re training your brain more, and it’s so satisfying when you can see that you’re doing it right and that you’re actually creating something.

Find some happy, silly music and sing your heart out

You’re never too old to have dance parties in your room and using your hairbrush as a microphone! Go on Spotify and find some feel good songs, or maybe even some of the happy and non-meaningful songs you listened to when you were a kid. Now, go sing, dance and feel the memories and happiness running through your body!

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Make your own cave

Remember when you used to create caves and forts everywhere to have a secret place just for you? A place where you could be all by yourself while playing with some toys that you brought with you. Well, take a walk in your garden or the nearest park, and find a place that you think is nice and relaxing. That is now your new cave! Make it cosy and bring a book, your headphones or something else with you out there and enjoy!

Put your imagination at work

A couple of days ago I was in the cinema watching a movie, where a 6 year old kid in the movie suddenly said to his friends: “Imagine if the clouds were the ones that were blue and the sky was white”. I was just like.. woah, I remember when I was at that age, so full of imagination, and oh how I miss turning the world upside down with just my imagination. Don't you too? If the answer is yes, put away your phone, start wondering and ask yourself some questions about everything around you. No doubt that it will strengthen your imagination, and sometimes also change your whole view on the world!

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