When you watch a Studio Ghibli movie, you are delved into a world full of fantasy and child-like wonder. That is why I keep coming back to watch them again and again. Here are some of my top favorites created by the wonderful Hayao Miyazaki.

Spirited Away

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This will be forever be my all-time favorite Studio Ghibli movie. 10 year old Chihiro gets trapped in the spirit world after her and her parents explore an abandoned Japanese amusement park. Now her only way out is to find work at a spirit bathhouse and to figure out how to bring her and her parents home. She encounters many unusual characters along the way.

Kiki's Delivery Service

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Probably my second favorite Studio Ghibli film. 13 year old witch-in-training Kiki moves to a seaside town to carry out her year long witch training along with her talking cat Jiji. While in town, Kiki meets a baker who takes her into her home and also runs into a boy who is fascinated by her witch powers.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It ponyo, anime, and studio ghibli image anime, ponyo, and studio+ghibli image anime and Ponyo image

A young boy named Sosuke encounters a little goldfish who is actually a goldfish princess. He names her Ponyo and the more they create a friendship together, the more human-like Ponyo becomes. Her father, however, is not thrilled about his little goldfish becoming a girl and tries to intervene.

Castle in the Sky

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This will forever be a Studio Ghibli classic. Young orphan Sheeta was on her way to her military prison with her kidnapper when a gang of pirates attacked their ship in search of Sheeta's unique necklace. After falling out of the sky from the attack, Sheeta starts floating gently to the earth unconscious. Another orphan, Pazu, discovers the floating girl and catches her. From then on, Pazu and Sheeta are on a crazy adventure trying to help Sheeta avoid capture from the military and pirates. Their adventure would eventually lead them to a mysterious floating castle in the sky.

There a few other good Studio Ghibli movies out there to check out but I just wanted to give you a few great ones to start with! Enjoy getting lost in the magical worlds created by Hayao Miyazaki himself!

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