Hello! My name is Laura, and I have a bookstagram (aesthetic.bookfairy) and this is my first book review. I hope you'll like it, if you do, please leave a comment or check my insta page, and dm me. :)

So, about the book...

Firstly, before I started reading the book, I post a picture about it in a group, and I asked the members what do they think aout the story. 30/29 people said they loved it, so I thought it'll be good.

But it wasn't. I was so bored during the first 250 pages, and I was about throwing it out of the window. The story was so slow, too cliché, and almost nothing happened in it and if you read it, you know what's going to happen and you won't be surprised. The last 100 pages were easier to read, because FINALLY something happened. I'm not saying I liked it here, but at least I didn't want to cut it off.

And the characters... Oh my God! It's incredible, but I liked NOBODY. Patch was too constrained, he is a ' I'm so bad, I am evil but pssst I am not ' type of guy, and not in a good way. And Nora... I just hated her, I don't know why.

I can't explain what is my concrete problem with this book, just didn't like it. I usually do like stories about fallen angels, but this one was a huge delusion. I don't want to continue the trilogy, it was enough to suffering while reading the first one. For me, this was 4/10.