Hii !! ♡♡
Today I'll tell ya why I love Ariana Grande (just a few reasons ofc)

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1. She supports the right things. Saying Ariana would try to save and make the world to a better place wouldn't be enough. She supports the LGBT+ Community, spent 500.000 dollars a few days ago to the people that are affected by the Hurricane mess, made a concert for the victims of Manchester, doesn't smoke and shows her body to set a statement : Women can show her body just as men can !
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2. She treats her tiny elephants like her family. She interacts with us on her tour so much, she met her fan with cancer to give her strength, gave a fan 15.000$ for college, took a fan on stage, ...
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3. She's talented. Do I have to say more to this?
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4. She's the C.U.T.E.S.T. Her laugh, her personality, her jokes.

That's it for now!
Bye :)