so this is my first article on Weheartit.
First o all I want to say that English is not my first language, I´m sorry if I write something wrong or don´t know the word.

But now I want to say a few things about me!
1. I´m from Germany.

2. I love photography

3. I´m 14 years old

4. I love listening to music or watch series on netflix when it´s raining

5. I hate wearing uncomfortable clothes instead I love cozy sweaters or nice pants.

6. I´m doing ballett

7. I like reading articles or on wattpad

8. I like to be happy or when others are happy

9. I hate prejudices

10. I love the music from Ed Sheeran

11. I like people with humor or you can laugh with

that´s it i hope you liked it <33

I´m trying to write more articles byee