Day. 4. Make a list with things you couldn't live without.

Hello again, again! This article may seems a little bit like the one I made about the things that I’m grateful for, but this article is more about certain stuffs, if that makes any sense? I hope it does… Anyway, let's get started!


Denmark is a country where the people are known for being good at 'hygge', and I'm sure that you are too! It can be when you're with your family or friends, when you're alone with a movie or a book, when you're doing something you like, you name it! I couldn't live without that feeling.
I'm actually going to make an article that's about 'hygge' on Day 7. You should look forward to it!


I couldn't live without my family. I just couldn't. They always support me and my (sometimes crazy) ideas, or when I'm having a bad day. They are not only my family they are my friends, and they're just there for you!


I'm not the kind of person who have hundreds of friends. I have some that is very close with me.


I couldn't live without it, because that is how I'm keeping up with those of my friends that I don't see that often. That's simply the way we avoids loosing contact with each other.
And then there is my fotoalbum, which is full of priceless memories!


My laptop is where I'm writing my articles, where I'm watching a movie in my bed on a Sunday, where I have all my schoolwork and presentations, and of course, playing Sims;)


Yes, I have some funny classmates, but they sure also know how to be loud;) So sometimes it's just nice to put some music in my ears, when I have some work I want to be finish with.
And at home, I always turn on my speaker when I'm going to make homework, or sew, or draw, or paint. Music just helps me to stay focused.


I love to wear colors, to draw with colors, to make colorful clothes, eat colorful food. I just think that colors makes everything a little bit brighter!
That's also one of the reasons that I really loves fall. It's because of all the colors!


I love to laugh. Especially when a person's laugher is even more great than the joke that he or she was laughing at. I bet you know someone that have a delightful laugher!

I hope you enjoyed this article. What can't you live without?
See you soon!


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