Hey! So, I'm new to this whole article writing thing so bear with me. And I guess I'll put a link if anyone is interested in starting the 15 Day Writing Challenge:

Day 1: Write an article that's about YOU.

Hi! My name is Jewel. I come from Australia and I love WHI.
My first language isn't necessarily English but I come from a Filipino and Samoan background (Father is a Filipino and Mother is a Samoan). It's a crazy mix but I actually like both sides of the fam.
My favourite colour is an ocean blue and my favourite shade is black. I'm not too girly but I'm not a tomboy either so I'm in the middle I guess. I don't have many friends that I hang with but many friends that I talk with.
I am 13 turning 14 on October 9 (yeah, I'm pretty young).
Overall, I am the most awkwardest, weirdest and ugliest person you will ever know...

Pretty boring, I know 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the article (doesn't matter if you didn't either)