Hello there! I saw this 15-day writing challenge here on weheartit, and I've decided to give it a try!

First off, my name is Luna i'm 19 and I was born and raised in Sweden :) I've been here on weheartit for several years now, Im not too sure but I think I started my account back in 2011 or something so i've been here for a while!

I love, photography, space, art, the color green, languages and just words in general. I love reading quotes and I find most of them here, you can find some of them in my "kiss" collection.

Currently I'm studying Japanese and I hope to one day be able to move to Japan. Soooooo I thought I could incorporate some japanese for you guys during these 15 days :)

The word of the day is
”jikoshoukai” (じこしょうかい)
which means "self introduction" :)

See you tomorrow!