O1. which accounts on weheartit are your favourites?

O2. where are you from?
♫ nottingham, england.

O3. personal style?
♫ my style is weird, because i basically love everything xD I love pastel, asian style, cute, girly clothing consisting of mini backpacks, pleated skirts, sneakers, frilly socks, dresses and sweatshirts etc. but then i also love grunge clothing like ripped jeans, tees, chokers, garters and boots etc.

O4. age?
♪ 16, i turn 17 in february!!

O5. style inspirations?
♫ i am my own inspiration, i see something i love then i wear it. i usually get inspiration from asian girls, because I love asian clothing.

O6. are you single?
♬ yes, hit me up guys lmao.

O7. hair colour?
♪ strawberry blonde.

O8. eye colour?
♫ green, it's quite a cute colour green~

O9. birthday?
♬ february 16.

1O. favourite season?
♪ fall. i love how it's cool, but not extremely cold and everything just looks so pretty and autumnal with the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees...so beautiful!!

11. favourite time of the day?
♫ night time, because it means sleep and sleep means dreams and dreams means kpop related stories my brain creatively writes~

12. do you believe in love at first sight?
♬ yes, I do...i'm such a romantic fml.

13. last person you took a picture of?
♪ my best guy friend cameron, we were staying over at our best friend's flat!

14. television or internet?
♫ internet. you can get television, kdramas and kpop etc on it!

15. tea or coffee?
♬ coffee. i overdosed on tea when i was a kid, I was obsessed and now it's ew.

16. last thing you ate?
♪ 3 mini blueberry muffins, so yummy!~

17. favourite bands / singers?
♫ exo, bts, got7, vixx, imfact, infinite, nct u & 127, big bang, monsta x, shinee, blackpink, b.a.p, pentagon, seventeen, sf9, luhan, tao, jay park, topp dogg, troye sivan, the neighbourhood and years & years!!

18. favourite tv programs?
♬ hollyoaks, friends, some mothers do ave em (it's quite old, but the guy is so clumsy and he's so much like me, it's hilarious), the great british bake off, educating (greater manchester, cardiff etc) and tattoo fixers.

19. favourite food?
♪ chicken, bacon, cake, chocolate, pasta!

2O. favourite drinks?
♫ cola, milkshake, flavoured water (because i don't drink plain water at all...) and fruit juice.

21. if you could have anything in the world, what would you choose?
♬ a kpop idol to have as a boyfriend~

22. favourite phone apps?
♪ polyvore, weheartit and youtube.

23. favourite shops?
♫ irl - primark, select, zara and topshop.
Online - wish, aliexpress, storenvy, kokopiecoco, yesstyle, newchic and mixxmix.

24. tag however many people you like below.
♬ i tag: i tag whoever wants to do this lmao.