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Red Velvet

red velvet, wendy, and irene image

Red Velvet are K-Pop legends and one of the best girl group out there. They debuted with their single Happiness and added a fith member in 2015.

red velvet, yeri, and kpop image
My bias is Yeri look how cute she is!
  • Recommended songs:
red summer, 레드벨벳, and kpop k-pop k pop image
Zoo is amazing! Perfect for the summer
gif, red velvet, and kpop image
Red Flavor is a bop wich you can't denie!
gif, yeri, and kim ye rim image
Happily ever after Is one of my favorites!
  • Funny pics/gifs:
backstage, blonde, and red velvet image
dorks, gif, and funny image
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Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

wjsn and cosmic girls image

Cosmic Girls are a 13th member K-Pop girl group. I love them so much! Their latest album Happy Moment slays!!

wjsn and luda image
Luda is my bias she's soooo cute!!
  • Recommended songs:
gif, xuanyi, and yeoreum image
Kiss Me even though it's a CF song it slays!
gif, k-pop, and kpop image
Happy is such a bop and deserved 1st win!
exy, gif, and wjsn exy image
Last but not least: BABYFACE
  • Funny pics/gifs:
funny, gif, and lmao image
gif, jiyeon, and bona image
exy, gif, and cosmic girls image
gif, kpop, and cosmic girls image


daisy, momoland, and freeze image

Momoland is a very underrated k-pop girl group. Their new album is so good it's full of bops! STAN THEM!

jane, korean, and kpop image
Jane is my bias
  • Recommendation songs:
gif, kpop, and Nancy image
Freeze is a bop!!!
freeze, gif, and kpop image
I like it or music box their both bops!
  • Funny gifs/photo:
gif, yeonwoo, and momoland image
The only funny gif I could find lol

Girls' Generation (SNSD)

girls generation, party, and Sunny image

Girls' Generation is are the legends of KPop! You have to check them out!

girls generation, Sunny, and leesoonkyu image
My bias is Sunny
  • Recommended songs:
snsd, girls generation, and kpop image
Gee is one of their Iconic songs.
snsd, hyoyeon, and girls generation image
Holiday and All Night are both bops you need to listen too!
snsd and mr. mr. image
Last but not least Mr. Mr.
  • Funny Gifs/Photos:
funny, yoona, and gif image
snsd, taeyeon, and yoona image
snsd image
pajamas, snsd, and pijamada image


twice, kpop, and one more time image

Twice is a nine member legend kpop girl group. Some people hate them but I don't.

dahyun, twice, and kpop image
My bias Dayhun
  • Recommended songs:
twice, momo, and sana image
You should check out TT it's a bop!
kpop, twice, and knock knock image
Knock Knock is also know as one of their bops!
twice, cheer up, and momo image
And Cheer Up is amazing too
  • Funny Gifs/Photos:
asian, funny, and chaeyoung image
funny, kpop, and twice image
asian girl, lol, and funny image

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