Things happen when you least expect them to.
I have always dreamt of a love story like the ones you read about in books or you see in movies; but as I grew up I started to think that those were all stories and I would never have come true in "real life". Through middle and high school I always had crushes on boys for whom I was invisible or talked to me only about homework and didn't even want to be friends with me. I fell for them just because they were kind to me once in a while... That's all they needed: a kind word or a smile to have my full attention. I started to think that I was the problem, that if I wanted to be with them I should have become another person.
Then I realised that they didn't deserve me. I needed to get rid of all those feelings of guilt for not being good enough. I focused un my studies, spent time with my family and my friends. I actually had a great time, like I never had in my life.
It was only then that I met him.
He wasn't the "prince" I had always dreamt of but he made me feel special. For the first time in my life I felt the feeling that makes your cheeks blush and butterflies in your stomach fly. The conversations we had were unbelievable. Never felt this way before. I felt like I could stay up all night talking to him about what ever goes on my my mind and listening to every tiny detail of his life.

I didn't know why was I so attracted to him, why did I want so bad that things worked out for us and that we ended up together. I didn't know why, even if nothing had happened yet, I felt like my daydreaming was not purposeless, it was not vain.
I could feel that there was something more coming, that our story was far to be at the end. Even if we cannot see the future, we can still hope for the best. And if you hope, you're half way there.
So, to anyone who doesn't feel loved, who feels like they have to change to be liked or who wonders if they are going to find someone, I promise it's going to get better. It will. Your him/her is out there. Waiting for you just like you're waiting for them.
Love always finds a way. Always.
But life doesn't like being predictable, so appreciate what it gives you, enjoy the little things and live the moment.
When you least expect, you'll find what you're looking for.