there was this lady, a bit old but still energetic.
there was this lady once, with her beloved husband, whom she loved with her whole soul. together they have had a beautiful family surrounded by love beyond everything.
there was this old lady, who loved to grow roses in her backyard. there were roses all over the garden.
beautiful, strong and unforgettable roses.
there was this old lady once, all dressed in black.
the love of her life had just gone away to better days, leaving her here on earth.
at first, we could have thought that the roses would have fade away.
however, there was this old lady, all dressed in black, gardening among those magnificent and bright roses.
there was this onl lady once, who, like the roses she loved so much to grow up, was beautiful, strong and unforgettable.

because, love as roses, need to be taken care of. need to be feed everyday so it can spreaed its beauty all over.