Since you've been gone nothing makes any sense
Cause being with you was the thing I did best
Now that it's over what else have I left?
Cause I...Need you so much I can't lose you
I need you to know, you might have gone but I will never let go
Cause one day I know that you'll come back home
And cause I...Won't let go.
There's a hole in my heart can you fix it?
There's a hole in my heart since you've been gone
Is this l-o-v-e?
Somebody tell me what's happening to me?
Is this l-i-f-e?
Somebody tell me just what's happening to me?
Since you've been gone...
I want you so much that it hurts me to think
That we'll be like strangers the next time we meet
Cause I used to have everything that you need
And I...need you so...