I'm not sure if anyone ever talked about animal abuse here. But if anyone did, thank you. I just want you all to take a moment to think about the poor animals that being abused in farms, houses, circus and pet shops. What did they deserve to be treated that way. Why no one is stopping it. They are so fucking helpless, they don't have a voice like us to speak. They just cry but no one can hear them.

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Scientific research is important I know that, but you don't make them suffer. Try it on your fucking selves and leave the animals alone. I just saw a video of rabbits being tortured, ripping their fur off with their fucking hands and the rabbit is crying. Tears in my eyes, my heart broke. I can't erase that image from my brain. Tell me that's okay. Tell me that it's normal. It is fucking not. And some people wear fur without knowing where it comes from or how it's made. And some don't even care. No one deserves to be treated that way. Imagine it's your pet, would you sit and watch? I dare you to say yes. It is fucking disgusting. It happens everyday all over the world. And some companies they tell you about the meat or sheep wool, that it's 100% cruelty free and I say bullshit. The way they handle them is inhuman. Why are we doing this?? Animals have feelings too. How do you know that the food you're eating is good. That it didn't come from mistreated animals. There needs to be constant oversight of employees to prevent animal cruelty. I'm not telling you to stop eating meat but if you do that's great. But you should at least research and buy products that are treated right. From eggs and meat to clothes and make up you wear. If you see what PetSmart do to the animals you will throw up and cry.

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Why we always talk about human rights and defend them? Why don't animals have rights like us. Instead of testing products on animals, look for other alternatives. We need to teach our children at schools and raise them right. We shouldn't encourage kids to hit animals and laugh about it. Or make animals fight against each other like a face off. I know that we can't test humans and then they die. But what about the animals? It's okay if they die? Maybe they don't have another choice but they need to stop mistreating them. We don't freeze them to death. We don't take babies from their moms. We don't let them drink alcohol. We don't give them high dosages to kill them. We don't throw them on the ground or hit them. We don't hang them upside down by their legs. We don't leave them in bad conditions. We need to fight. We need to speak for those creatures that don't have a voice. Like you love and care about your pets, you should care about the animals that are helpless. Please if you support what I say, go and report and speak. They deserve to live like we do.

I'm sorry for swearing a lot. I'm just so mad that I can't save those animals.

Thank you for reading x