i have quite a few apps on my phone and for some reason i enjoy organizing them in color. but to make it easier for the readers, here they'll be organized by spheres.

1. studying

word document: an easy way to have notes for the lessons kept on your phone. a huge + when performing in front of the class with a report
one drive: this is where i keep all my documents to have access to them on my iphone, ipad and my laptop
podcasts: an easy way to learn more about whatever topic you're interested in, by listening to discussions of professionals
khan academy: this is where i study SAT, but you can practice any subject. its not only easy but effective!
wikipedia: the app version of wikipedia helps you save useful articles that you can use on lessons, and helps find the informations a lot easier!
photomath: the best thing ever when it comes to math!

2. photography & video

phhhoto: a cool app to create cool gifs!
adobe sketch: i soemtimes love to add paint & brush stains to my pictures and this app is where i do it!
picsart: this is a must have for editing lovers!
lively: this app helps you turn live photos into gifs & videos
instasize: a perfect app for perfect borders for both photos and videos!
filterloop: a free version of alferlight basically
VSCO: a social media to share your photo portfolio AND great filters and editing possibilites!
RAD VHS: vintage video filming

3. lifestyle

pinterest: a must have for motivation and inspiration in any sphere
polyvore: i use this app to think of outfit ideas when i need them
domino's: best way to order domino's pizza
vogue: i love reading fashion & culture news here
shazam: hear a song and wanna know its name? shazam it
bbc news: you always have to know whats going on in the world
crowdfire: an amazing app to keep track of all your social medias
my water: helps keep track of water drinking
sworkit: best training app i've used

4. social media

instagram: http://www.instagram.com/alsugara
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alsuwrites
tumblr: http://www.wolveschic.tumblr.com
VSCO: vsco.co/alsugara