the fundemental ideology of poetry that has been existing for centuries states that one of the sole purposes of poetry is the simple aesthetic pleasure that it brings to human mind. aristotle has idolized poetry, believing it held a greater power than anyone thought.

poetry as for me, and as i'm sure was for aristotle, is much more than just an aesthetic pleasure. it is art formed by thought and language, two of the most powerful concepts known for humans. poetry is the creation of a thought process put into rhythm and verse, creating not only a pleasant sound, but a window for exploration of various ideas.

i write because my soul pleases to, because i see poetry as an ultimate chance to change the world. when things fall apart people tend to cling to art of any form to find some saving (by knowing that there are people they can relate to; that they are not alone). poetry is a vision, not gifted to everyone, its an ability to put words into an order previously never noted, and to make that word order make sense that will be talked about long after the poem is written.

poetry is art, with a purpose. not only to exist within itself, but to exist within other ideologies created by readers who interpret verses in their own way.


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