YAAS! It´s finally fall<3 Fall is my favorite time of the year, so I made U guys a fall Bucket List<3 Hope you like it!

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1. Read a book.

We all love to read a really good book so grab a book and start reading!

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2. Buy a fall candle.

Fall is all about candles! Buy a new candle if U don’t have one already

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3.Have a Harry Potter marathon whit your family or friends.

Well U know what to do;)

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4. Try new fall recipes.

If you hate baking, well then you can just buy a cake U never tried before

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5. Drink hot chocolate or tea.

U can read at the same time if U want to<3

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6. Watch the nightmare before Christmas.

As always;)

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7. Carve Pumpkins

If U want to take it to the next level, U can make it to a competition whit your friends.

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8. Jump into a pile of leaves.

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9. Make a fall playlist.

U don't want to listen to some summer songs in the fall, or do you?

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10. Decorate your room for fall.

Fairy lights, candles, pumpkins, everything!

Have a nice fall<3