1) Favorite Book in the Series: Prisoner Of Azkaban

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2) Least Favorite Book in the Series: the Chamber of Secrets
3) Favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
4) Saddest Moment: Severus' death

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5) Funniest Moment: When harry roasts Snape
6) Favorite Tri-Wizard Tournament Challenge: The dragon
7) Favorite Character: Lupin

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8) Favorite Villain: Bellatrix
9) Favorite Death Eater: Snape
10) Favorite Weasley: Book Ginny

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11) Most Missed Dead Character: Lupin
12) Favorite Professor: Lupin or McGonnagall
13) Least Favorite Professor: Trelawney
14) Favorite Wizard Subject: Defense against the dark arts

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15) Least Favorite Wizard Subject: Divination
16) Favorite Shop in Diagon Alley: Wesleys' Wizard Wheezes
17) Favorite Wizard food: Butterbeer

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18) Which wand of the trio’s is your favorite: Hermione's
19) Favorite Horcrux: The diary
20) Favorite Deathly Hallow: Cloak of Invisibility
21) Favorite Unforgivable Curse: Avada Kadavera

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22) Favorite hex: Pepper breath hex
23) Favorite Spell: Expecto Patronum
24) Your Hogwarts house (if you don’t know, list your favorite): Hufflepuff

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25) Your Animagus (if you don’t know, list your favorite): Wolf
26) Your Patronus (if you don’t know, list your favorite): Thestral

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27) What animal would you bring to Hogwarts: a cat
28) Aspired Quidditch Position: Seeker

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29) Favorite Magical Ability (Animagi, Metamorphmagi, Parselmouth, Seer, Legilimency and Occlumency): Metamorphmagi
30) Favorite quote: "Always"

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