So although the title is a little bit dramatic, the songs i'm about to show you are songs i really love at the moment, and since i love finding new music and knowing a lot of people do. Why not share my favorite songs?

The first thing i wanna introduce you to is not only a song, but a whole Ep. Not only a EP but also the singer.

In 2015 he released his debut EP; Lost in the light.
If you haven't heard his EP yet, what are you stil doing here?
Oh, and if you're at his spotify or any other music device, go listen his newest song, Like me better!

Lights down low (feat. gnash) -MAX
Not sure what i want to say about this. I just love how this song goes and when you hear it you probably gonna play is on repeat for a while!

Talk is overradet (feat. Blackbear) Jeremy Zucker
The song i use as alarm because i instantly got all happy but calm at the same time. I came across this song because of Blackbear. I really like the music Blackbear make and honestly this song is such a great song. Go listen to it, you will not regret it!!

I really really really love this song! When i hear this song i always think of when i took the subway in south-korea because i was playing it there and how lucky and blessed i felt that i could to travel to places like that. (I'm from the Netherlands.) So maybe it are the memories and how i felt listening to this song.

*Wild love (feat. The Weeknd & Francis and the Lights) Cashmere Cat
In love with the most songs from Cashmere Cat so it's no suprise one of his songs made his way in this playlist.

Crowns Hillsong Worship
I wanna end this 'playlist' with an Christian song, since i'm Christian myself. And honestly this is such a beautiful song. Here are some of the lyrics:
"My wealth is in the cross
There's nothing more I want
Than just to know His love
My heart is set on Christ
And I will count all else as loss
The greatest of my crowns
Mean nothing to me now
For I counted up the cost
And all my wealth is in the cross"

Yes, one of my collections also goes under the name "my wealth is in the cross." inspired by this song!

I hope you found some new songs / artist.
If you have any questions, suggestions or you just want to talk, do not feel shy and send me a postcard! If you think i should write more 'playlists' also send a postcard!

xx Ivonne