We've all been there, I'm speaking to the individuals that have loved but was never able to receive it back in they way you hoped.
Finding the ability to move on when you've fallen for someone who just doesn't love you back.
Whom ever you've given your all to: your time, your words, your presence, your shoulder to cry on, your witty one-liners to make them laugh.
Finding the ability, to understand that no matter what you do, that person just doesn't love you like you love them.
They may only look at you as a friend, buddy, acquaintance, but when you look at them, you see stars, blue skies, waves, you literally feel at peace with this person, like when you submerge yourself in a good book, or go for a walk at night, or enjoy a favorite beverage. That's what you feel, when you look at them. Peace...joy, and contentment.
You can be yourself with this person for just being truly you, and that is what makes you feel what you feel. There's no judgement, just understanding, an open ear and mind.
You can escape emotionally and mentally with this person.
The person may tell everything you've always wanted to hear, and know from someone else's perspective and believe them because you're in love with them.
Falling for them was maybe it was an accident, most things in life are.
To it all just aruptly stops.
They stop trying to reach out, to even text to see how you're doing, to everything they said they wouldn't do for you to doubt them...
They end up doing it in the end.
And you, you'll be hurt, you'll question it, your mind well wonder "Wtf???" that's normal, and that's ok.
Don't let it consume you though.
Let it make you wiser, stronger, braver, more humble.
You just keep telling yourself, that you deserve someone, someone like you... Don't ever settle. Don't be blind.

Find that ability to move on, to move your heart and mind to someone who truly is worthy of holding it, getting to know it, falling hard for it...

Just find that ability, and I guarantee that all that you've learned from what you hoped with the last person you thought was the one, you'll get with the next because,

you'll just know.