Coming from an individual who is first handly experiencing drama right now, It's not worth it.

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Though, throughout my highschool years, I have been wishing I would be social enough to experience some form of drama to make my boring schooling life into mean girls 2.0

Unfortunately, my wish came true.

I did the impossible and vomited * metaphorically *.

I spilled A secret to a girl at MY party about MY FRIEND who did something to someone.

Hint: it involved a guy.

I was under the impression that the person I spilled this secret to, had previous knowledge of this current situation.

Hence her saying WORD BY WORD "doesn't matter, I know everything ABOUT HER"

My fault, I know.

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But, now I lost some friends and feel as though I have to tiptoe around their presence so I could avoid them. Because I'm in their class,

Every single one.

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my friend cutting me out of her life

And it sucks because I feel as though that I have to limit myself in class so they won't notice me or talk sh*t about me.

But, life lesson people:


Girls, boys, and any gender neutral individuals,
What I'm learning in this moment, is that you shouldn't waste your tears and thoughts on people who you have hurt or on those who have hurt you. Because at the end of the day, They thrive on your sorrow and mercy.

In high school, you won't ever see these people again. I know I won't in two years. But, thinking about what they're doing or thinking about is such a waste of time because instead, you should worry about you. Worry about what you want and need for yourself.

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me giving my wisdom to no one reading this article.

WHY? you may ask,

because you are important.

In any situation involving high school drama, you feel like the whole world is watching you and your every move because you are involved in something you don't wanna be involved with.

Especially if the drama is little, or big,

There will always be one person in the situation who will dramatise the whole situation and another who will "try" to take control and tell you what to do.

But do not listen to these people. They're only spectators waiting for more drama to come just to see more.

And watch you.

When involved in any drama during high school listen to yourself, because at the end of the day, you're the person who has to deal with the consequences.

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The best way to get at someone in high school,

In the fine words of Selena Gomez:

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my queen omf

kill'em with kindness

enjoy x