Hey everyone! this is the third day of the challenge.
Yesterday I was sick, so I couldn't do it on the third day. So I'll make the fourth and third today!

I say it again but,I found it on the 'Sofie' account, I hope you will like as much as the first day.
If you want to see the first day, it is available on my profile. This is my presentation, if (we never know), you want to know more about me,and also the second day who is: "Make a list of the things that you are grateful for."

So for the third day I have to ''Make a list of your favorite books.''

Sooooo,let's do it!

The first is..omfg..awww.. I think,The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
This book is all my life, in France, it is titled '' the world of charlie '' or,''Le monde de Charlie''. It is the most beautiful book ever written, it is enchanting and totally magnificent.

After, there is Life is a rainbow, it's the title in French (La vie est un arc-en-ciel), I don't know what the English title of the book. It was adapted with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin in the movies, the name is '' Love, Rosie '', it's my favorite movie.

after, there is the After's series by anna todd, the inevitable as a fan of Harry,and there are Landon,Before...

Afterwards, I also loved '' What I was ''. A F*CKING WONDERFUL BOOK.

So .. Here are my favorite books!
I hope you will have loved, and a while ago for the 4th day.

If you want to do it, here are the rules!
Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!
Day 2. Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.
Day 3. Make a list of your favorite books.
Day 4. Make a list with things you couldn't live without.
Day 5. Write a short story.
Day 6. Make a list of your favorite movies.
Day 7. Write an article about something that you find interesting.
Day 8. Make a list of your favorite destinations.
Day 9. Your own idea, for a challenge.
Day 10. Write a book review.
Day 11. Make a list of places you want to go.
Day 12. Write a movie review.
Day 13. Write about your passion(s), or what you just really like to do.
Day 14. Write some facts about yourself.
Day 15. Make an Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer bucket list.