I was not having a good day. School was a pain mentally and physically. It's been days that I keep on missing sleep.

As soon as I get home I change, eat, do some school works, and sleep late. And wake up early.

Sometimes I just want to cry my eyes out. Not because of sadness but because of the stress and other things that is giving me a hard time. I can't cope up with it.

But this day was different

I waved and hugged my friends goodbye. I wasn't having a good day. All I wanted was to get home asap, do my work, and sleep

"Where are your cousins?"

My unkle asks me as I was about to plug my earphones.

"I thought they came here first before I do"

He shrugged and closed his eyes. Guess we'll be waiting for them before we go.

I filled my lungs with air stared outside the window.

Then when everyone's inside. We finally hit the road

We were going to a place of my cousins relatives. So I knew it was going to be a long ride.

I missed long rides. And it's almost the time for the sun to set. And the sky is filled with cold toned colors and beautiful shades of red and orange. To pink,purple, to cold tones of blue.

I caught a sight of a plane in the sky. It was so pretty. That I wanted to take a picture of it. But sadly I didn't bring my camera with me.

It was stunning to watch the sky from 5 pm on wards.

Then a small traffic happened. Then I looked up.

I saw this little girl, as I can see, she was tiptoeing trying to peek through a window as she smiles wide. Then peeps and hides when she stick her tongue out.

She was at the second floor of this house. And it was so high. I was scared at the same time. Since it was so high and she'll end up in the busy road we're in.

I looked at the other side of the car trying to catch sight of that person she makes faces at.

But the car moved so I hurriedly looked at the little girl again. As she giggles and excitedly jumps around

It instantly made me smile and complete my day or even my week.

I realized that time. That having a bad day doesn't mean you have a bad life

We just need a little shake for us to wake up from a cranky mood

- J u s t m e : V