It's easy to promise but sticking to it is really hard.Someone said "PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN" but I don't think so. I sticked to my promises. I stayed forever. I was there when you needed me. I told you all my secrets. I tried my best to keep up with it but you broke them easily like it meant nothing to you. You plucked a flower from a plant who thought that this flower will stay forever. The plant tried it's best to save the flower from all the winds,all the dust,tried to make it the most beautiful one but the plant forgot that the flower wasn't supposed to stay here. The flower now lies above a dead body. A dead body which had the most beautiful soul ever. The most attractive. And here I stand behind the dead body with a broken heart. A broken soul. The flower begun to fade. It started losing its beauty. It has started decaying. Something that was the most attractive about it. Its gone. It wont come back how hard I try so I tried to move on. I tried to forget the things that we had. But it wasn't that easy. Forgetting things which we had was not so easy. We made memories which would last for a lifetime. Memories which I won't be able to forget till my death or maybe never even my after my death also. Memories that I won't regret.