I'm not yet finished with high school but most people say "Don't take things for granted, have fun because at the end of the day, in your Senior Year, it's you that walk across the stage to get that diploma".

I swear the quote isn't usually that long but you get the idea. This is your life and only you can control that! And school isn't for everyone i get that too lol
What I'm trying to say is, try not to goof around.

I feel like for me... I'm going to have to start over again with college and getting to know other people and experience different obstacles. My friends are either going out of state/country or to somewhere far away from me. Becoming independent on my side is going to be terrifying and new. And once again I'll find myself on my own, new faces, new classes, new experiences, clubs, activities, relationships, careers, owning a car. All mixed together in a bunch. I'll have to be prepared because I know where I stand in this mess. On My Own.

*My Point: There will be one day when you'll be on you're on. Just be prepared.

Hope that made sense, once again I'm terrible at writing.