Hello everyooneee again! How are you guys doing!
My name is Erika and today I'm going to write about Top 5 Camera Apps You Must Have! Let's begin!!

1. PicsArt
This is one of the best apps I've ever had. Honestly it has everything you need. You can play with the filters and the settings as you please, you just need to be creative witch I'm pretty sure you all are haha. Totally recommended.

I personally love this one bc you can edit your pics kind of like the way you see on tumblr or instagram. It's really easy to use, plus is very useful, I love it!

3. InstaSize
I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys know this one. I actually found out about this app bc I wanted to post a picture long time ago, but it was way to big for the normal frame of instagram you know?, so i looked for the best app that could put the picture or fix it in a way that would fit where I wanted to put it. So it basically makes the pics smaller or bigger depends on what you want to do and it also has nice filters. Very useful!

4. Rookie Cam
How could I forget this one? lol. I saw this app a few years ago when I wanted to edit pictures with hipster filters hahaha. Anyways, of course that didn't work lol but I found out that it has amazing filters and effects! I still have it and honestly I still love it! I use it all the time.

This one right here is one of my favessss haha, and it's bc I personally like to have something different in my pics and this app is perfect. It gives your pictures the glitchy effect, and you can just adjust it. It's amazing! You should totally get it!

Well, that's everything for today.
Thank you so much for reading!
If you tried any of these apps tell me how it went, I'd love to hear it!

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