Self-care is one of the most important things for anyone. It can help you relax after a stressful week, and have great benefits on your mental health.
One of the many ways to practice self-care is to have a nice pamper night!
This is how I usually spend my self-care pamper nights.

Have A Bath

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I love baths! Even on non pampering nights I'm a bath person. The first thing I do when I'm pampering myself is to run a warm (scalding hot.. tbh..) bath with epsom salt/bubble bath/bath oils.. whatever you like! Light some candles, play some music.. watch Netflix! Whatever you like, babe!
While that's going I was my my face.

Face Mask

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After I wash my face I pick out a face mask. I love face masks, I have a million. My favorites are the L'Oreal pure-clay masks and Que Bella masks (especially the pearl powder one!) If I use the L'Oreal masks I use all the three and multi-mask (I can do an article on this if y'all are interested).
After applying my mask I get into my lovely bath!


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I actually always use a coffee detox scrub bar soap, but on pamper days I break out the sugar scrubs. I actually don't like the scent of the one pictured above (it's still a great option if you do like the scent!) but I love this brand and I love the "Scrub Of Your Life" one (it comes in a bottle).

Skin Care

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After the bath, I take my mask off and finish up my regular skin care routine (I'm going to make a post about this as well!!)


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This is also something I do after (almost) every shower/bath, but I just make sure on my pamper days. On my stretch marks I just use plain-ole vitamin e oil, and on the rest of me I use the Soap and Glory body butter "The Righteous Butter" (pictured above). I also like the "Smoothie Star" body milk because it's in a pump bottle.


After this is all done; I put on my comfy undies and bra, my robe, I get a big cup of icy lemon water (usually a Yeti or Ozark Trail.. my FAVS). I pile up on the couch with my laptop, turn on a good show, and just RELAX.

After a long week at school/work.. you deserve it, babe!

If there are any articles you're interested in seeing comment below!