its quite hard to get over an emotional relationship w someone.
all to much for a tender heart to deal with.
you might feel regrets and yet
how could you not have fallen for that tall image w brown eyes?
how could you not have fallen for such an individual that caught your sight from the beginning?
the person who so called loved and respected you
and all you minor details,
the person who would come out just for you?
the person you would think about
while you listened to romantic italian songs?
how could you not fall when everything seemed so beautiful and lovely, just as if it was written beforehand?
no, its not your fault,
who wouldn't have have done almost anything
for a unique and special person like you?
yes, who could just abandon and replace you
from one day to another despite your uniqueness?
who could possibly break your sincere heart?
who could do such a thing?
none other than the person you fell for,
the one person you spent countless hours thinking about,
the one person who motivated you during the day,
the one person who made you feel cute and special.
oh well, how could i do know?
now when i see you all i feel is regret and sadness,
its such a shame that we spent so much time,
energy, effort and most of all love on each other for almost a year,
just so we could end like this...
complete strangers,
who know everything about each other..