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How are you?
So, who is always reading and visiting my page already knows that I'm in the challenge created by @typicalGirl48.

She made a challenge of 30 days of questions and answers, so today is my 7th day of the challenge and here it is, take a look.

7.What is your dream job, and why? 👈

Image by Kêmãr Wrây

- To be a singer.

- Because it's my life, I know music makes part of people's life, it can turn everything's bad into good, help to heal souls and it's a therapy for me.
(Since I am very anxious and used to have some panic attacks and suffer of stress).


It's like magic. Right?
I cannot live without music.

But since I am a Pisces girl (not saying the others sign don't like music, of course they do, because music is an Universal language) but it seems like we're connected with this, you know?

Neptune also holds sway over musical talent, making many born under Pisces naturally gifted with music, or at least passionate music lovers beginning in early childhood.

If you wanna check this article here's the link:

Well am not here to talk about zodiac 😀 I'll try to write one about me being a pisces girl and maybe other signs, why not? 🙌

nirvana, kurt cobain, and heart image
That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad...

Ok guys, Thank you very very very much
Peace xo

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