This is my first article. It's a short one based on my observations. One of my classmates—let's call her Miley—has a boyfriend who we'll call Zayn. Now, both Zayn and Miley are attractive one may say. They've been together since freshmen year of high school and have had many firsts together. Now they are in their senior year. However, Zayn has cheated on her. Even after this, they remain together. Their relationship is an interesting one. Miley admitted she kissed a girl and that Zayn said he was "okay with it" and added that he would be "okay" if Miley left him for a girl. (Um, what? We'll address this later though.) Miley has even mentioned that if she and Zayn broke up, she'd be labeled as his girl and no one would want to date her. Now that her sister is a freshmen at our school, Miley has taken her under her wing (as sister's may do.) Miley's sister, Maya (we'll call her) is more of an introvert and is very studious. Despite this, Miley urges her to start dating even though her sister is uncomfortable with it. This goes to show her dependence on this boy.

There's much, much more to this very dysfunctional relationship, but ladies, do we enjoy being hurt? Let me tell you something regarding the little story time I just did—if he's okay with you potentially leaving him, he does not care about you no matter what sweet words he may say, no matter how many times he says "I love you." If he cheats on you, he has no respect for you. He does not care about you.

I don't care how fine he is. I don't care how much money he has. If he's disrespectful and doesn't treat you like the queen you are, you need to drop him. Listen to this: when a baby is given a toy, it loves it so much and it thinks it's perfect. Little does the baby know that toy is a choking hazard. The baby doesn't want to give up the toy because in their eyes, there's nothing wrong with it, but once they're given another toy, they realize that the last one really was trash. In connection with relationships, ladies, you may think he's perfect and you may want to overlook the flaws that should be deal breakers, but trust me, something better will come along and you'll keep it forever.

That's all for today. Make good decisions.