Happy Friday everyone! Thought since we're getting into the start of fall (helllll yass) Indie Chill would be a great way to start off this 10 song playlist series!

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#1. 4 AM- Oliver the Kid

4 AM is a song I happened to stumble upon about half a year ago, and I still love it. Its earthy guitar, pulsing ambiance, and chilling lyrics give this song an amazing, soft, yet dark vibe. It's a really great song to put on a sleep playlist, as background music, or just to listen to on repeat.

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#2. Ghosting- Mother Mother

This is an incredible song that was incredibly hard to find, but quite a gem nonetheless. Ghosting fits its name, full of eerie sounds and lyrics but at the same time is a bright and upbeat song. If you're into guitar, this one's my challenge to you (haha)!

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#3. Please Don't Go- Joel Adams

If you haven't heard this song you've probably never been on the internet (I kid I kid). It still deserves a spot on the list because of how freaking good it is. The soothing melody and dissonant beat make this song so emotional, not to mention the deep heartfelt lyrics. This song belongs on your "make me cry" playlist.

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#4- White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes

This one's a classic, but it's still phenomenal. Fleet foxes does a great job tying in their acoustic/indie sound with such a relaxing vibe, it makes for a super peaceful yet fun song. Even if you wouldn't consider yourself a folk music person, this song is still worth a listen.

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#5. Help Our Souls- NIHILS

This one is a pretty run of the mill indie song, but its simple synth hits and changes in pace make it a good listen. The song gained popularity for its Urban Contact remix, but in my opinion the original is better. Its steady beat and cool vibe make it a memorable song.

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#6. Headrest for My Soul- AWOLNATION

Ok yeah maybe AWOLNATION isn't the first thing you think of when you hear indie chill. However this is a super relaxing and gentle song, full of cool guitar riffs and soft choir in the background. While it's not like the rest of Run, it still is a gem of a song and I'd fall asleep to it.

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#7. All They Ever Wanted- Alicks

Out of all the underappreciated artists out there, Alicks is the best of them. This song is absolutely relaxing, and yet incredibly sad at the same time. The earthy beat and simple bass melody make for a lovely and soothing song to add to any relaxation playlist.

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#8. Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea- MISSIO

This song is quite a bit different than the others, but it's still relaxing as hell. While it isnt a very simple song, the heavy intsrumentation and dissonant piano give this song a very chilling, peaceful vibe. It's a pretty popular song as of right now, but its unique sound sets it apart.

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#9 Drifting (RAC Mix)- ON AN ON

Another great song by another underrated band! Drifting is an incredibly moving song, with powerful lyrics and smooth melodies that make you feel super emotional. The first version I saw was this mix, but honestly the original is just as good, just a lot more laid back. Make sure to listen to both!

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#10. I'll Be Good- Jaymes Young

This is a super great song to finish this playlist to. Its deep, meaningful lyrics stand out and its instrumentation is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention his voice itself. The song can be interpreted or related to in many different ways which I think is the most beautiful thing about it.

That is all for this week's mini playlist! Please leave a heart if you want more of these and feel free to send me good songs or genre suggestions. Happy listening!


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