He's the independant one. I was so attached to him. It made me sick. I got so tired of feeling empty everytime he left so I told myselft it was time to be more independent. It's unhealthy to love that much. To need that much. It broke me to feel that I needed his presence to be happy. He said it wasn't something bad. why? Because he likes it. He likes to be the one who's independent and knowing someone's wondering about him. About what he's doing. Once I realised it, I became more distant.

All of a sudden, he wasn't the same guy. He became the independant one. He treated me like every girl wishes to be treaten. Until he got tired of feeling week, feeling like I once did. It was easy to understand. It was a game. A stupid game between two people who wants attention and freedom at the same time. It didn't took me much time to realize that it was a contest to know wich one has the independence. Wich one has the power to stop everything.