I remember the night we met when i was so nervous yet excited to finally get to know you
Those times i came to your football games and i couldn't stop looking at you do what you loved
I remember introducing you to my family and my mom adored you and i knew they already loved you. That day i was nervous because i don't usually bring people home but i knew i had to let you in and know who i am. Then i met your family and instantly felt loved by them

We connected so fast
I looked at you while you would talk and just smile because i felt like i met my person. That i could be myself around you
You made me feel safe and wanted which is something I've never felt

I remember having you over on christmas eve
You pulled a little bag out of your backpack and i felt overwhelmed
I opened it to see the ring I've wanted for the past year or two
I looked up at you as you tell me you want to be with me
I didn't even need to think about my answer, i knew you were the wanted to be with. The one that showed me i wasn't as terrible as the last guy said i was

I remember being with you every weekend
We could sit in dead silence and still entertain each other
We just got along so well until one day it went down hill and i didn't know how to pick us up and neither did you

I remember when we were happy and how good it felt until it all went wrong and we couldn't make it right again