hi! for those of you who don't know, i'm a sleepy and emotional girl called peachy and i' have been doin' weekly zodiac posts because i think astrology is pretty cool! this is my third article about astrology, and if you'd like to see last week's article you could go here:

i've gotten lots of positivity and very good impressions from my zodiac articles and i am very happy about that! thank you all for readin my articles!! ♡

each zodiac sign has four pictures that match your result. scroll down to find out what show you got (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

♡ aries - mabel pines (gravity falls)
mabel is silly, sweet, and energetic, just like you!

aesthetic, art, and cherry blossom image gravity falls, wallpaper, and mabel pines image amazing, background, and kawaii image mabel pines, gravity falls, and art image

♡ taurus - elena (elena of avalor)
elena is fearless, brave, and full of love, just like you!

disney, elena, and gif image disney, elena, and gif image disney, elena, and gif image disney, disney princess, and gif image

♡ gemini - tina belcher (bob's burgers)
tina is an open book, bold, and lovable, just like you are!

Temporarily removed Flagged For Review funny, quotes, and cartoon image gif, halloween costume, and witch image

♡ cancer - lisa simpson (the simpsons)
lis is intelligent, caring, and aware, just like you!

Image by Magui Daiarislov Temporarily removed music, the simpsons, and lisa simpson image the simpsons, lisa, and simpsons image

♡ leo - pidge gunderson (voltron)
pidge is smart, quirky, and is one with nature, just like you!

Voltron and pidge image green, astronaut, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed Voltron, wallpaper, and pidge gunderson image

*♡ virgo - marinette (miraculous ladybug) *
marinette is positive, cheerful, and a bit clumsy, just like you!

ladybug, miraculous ladybug, and Chat Noir image ladybug, tikki, and miraculous ladybug image ladybug, marinette, and miraculous ladybug image Adrien, marinette, and ladybug image

♡ libra - bubbles (powerpuff girls)
bubbles is kind, precious, and sensitive, just like you are!

Image removed lol, powerpuff girls, and cute image kitty, cat, and cartoon image cartoon, me, and pink image

♡ scorpio - pearl (steven universe)
pearl is expressive, loyal, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, just like you!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It pearl, steven universe, and beautiful image pearl, rose quartz, and steven universe image drawing, gem, and pearl image

♡ sagittarius - bee (bee and puppycat)
bee is funny, kind-hearted, and is outgoing, just like you!

gif, oliver, and pink image bee and puppycat image bee and puppycat image Temporarily removed

♡ capricorn - spongebob squarepants (spongebob)
spongebob is silly, friendly, and playful, just like you are!

Temporarily removed meme and love image Image removed Temporarily removed

♡ aquarius - daria (daria)
daria is relatable, honest, and down-to-earth, just like you are!

Daria, school, and high school image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed

*♡ pisces - star butterfly (star vs. the forces of evil) *
star is cute, charming, and kicks ass, just like you do!

starco image Image removed Temporarily removed kawaii, magical, and pink image