I swore to myself that everything I wrote about you were to be the last. That every thought I had of you were to be the end. I swore that I was over you when talking to my friends. They didn't understand what there was to get over. We didn't date. We never kissed. We were the thing that never was. However anytime I close my eyes there you are... So vague, yet so clear. Your eyes come and go I'm never sure on what they really were. Were they like a summers day or a fall evening? But your smile, that's something that is burned in the back of my mind. You are just some stupid boy who acted like you cared, keyword being acted. Everyone thought we were dating. I was just some girl wasting her time on a boy who was trying to be something he wasn't. Our paths cross with smiles and friends by our sides but never an exchange of hellos. I know you see me. How can you act like you never knew me? Then there is that rare moment when I see you alone without your friends and you're not smiling your just you. Alone in a busy hall with busy people too busy to give a damn about any of us. Yet even without friends, you act like a stranger. Do the thoughts race through your head too? I see you and every fact about you quick flashes through my mind... Chocolate always chocolate ice cream, drums, Mikey mouse, Chris Pratt, blue like the specific navy blue on your shoes, Star wars, Florida, Stranger things, and then come the memories. The record shop, us in our natural being so comfortable with our surroundings. Shoes, converse laces being untied. The dock where you took a picture of me looking into the distance. Then the one thing that I never remember about anyone else, the first time we meet and our first conversation. I walk past you with all these thoughts fast forwarding through my mind on repeat. You have no idea how much I want to talk to you, say hello... Except I don't think I matter to you no matter how much you mean to me... I want to say this is officially the last time I shall write of you, that I shall let you run through my mind... Except we were so close to being something that I just can't forget about you. We get the title of nothing but we were always more than nothing. I use to get this feeling in my stomach of butterflies, now when I see you it doesn't hurt but I don't feel the butterflies the same way, it kinda feels like the butterflies are being shut down and sinking into my stomach, but still trying to fly. The butterflies will always be there, unlike you.
- Something more than nothing