Light flashing, Bing Ren flutter of a cry, cut in the branches on the debris, after all, his magic is not strong enough, Bing Ren's power is very limited, but even so, read the ice is still very excited, he knows , They have groped a shortcut, perhaps in the high-level magic has its own characteristics of the spell, but for low-level magic, the singing method should be almost the same. The tree branches in the skate of the chopped, there was a deep one-third of the cracks, read ice and no longer use the ice knife to see, went to the branches before his hands to seize it with their own body Pull.

With the gap of the branches, after all, not metal, karaoke, suddenly broken.

The same method of continuous use, read the ice surprised to find that he had just recently ice magic magic even more than the previous fire magic even more, after a series of seven times the use of ice, the ice magic power consumption clean. On the ground, but also more than seven large branches.

The use of magic to make his spirit some sluggish, leaning on the side of the tree, began a brief meditation.