For some reason since last year I started painting mandalas as therapy, they are really good to relax and clear your mind!

Mándalas are very personal, you can’t paint one with other person because they way you paint it and the colors you use have a meaning. How you start painting and the colors you use depend on the vibes of the mándala. They speak to you, they make you understand what’s in your mind.

I have paint a lot of them, I just Love the feeling and the colors! I love light colors such as pink, purple, green, blue and yellow! I think that after you do it you should analize your mándala, I only do it once and I prefer not to because I overthink a lot and if I do it I’ll start thinking about stupid things. I only pay attention to the way I start doing it, so I can have an idea if in that moment I’m thinking about the past, the present or the future.

I Love to so it! Usually I spend 3 or 4 hours until I finish, a few times It took me more than 2 days to finish, and usually I’m happy with the results. I have several books and markers I Love markers!

Today I painted one and I feel so good and relax in some point I feelt like I don’t know where to start because is mess up so I just continued with the rest and then I saw it clear and finished! I don’t know why I’m loving rainbows right now, so I try to use those colors on the figures and they look so pretty.

mandalas image