I was always a bit of an insomniac. Always having trouble falling asleep when I was younger, whether it was because I was really excited, because I could hear music from my brother's room all the way down the hall or because I just couldn't fall alseep. Sometimes, back when midnight seemed too late of an hour, I would go to the living room, where my parents sat, and just whisper "I can't sleep". As I grew up, my insomnia got worse, I would say.

The summer before ninth grade was a really awful one; I couldn't sleep so I stayed all night on my laptop (on twitter, mostly fangirling about One Direction...no regrets there, though) and it became a vicious cicle. So vicious, in fact, that I ended up not sleeping during more than thirty hours. I declare it the ultimate low point, seeing as, ever since, my summers have been tainted with all nighters and waking up after 4p.m if my mom didn't wake me up.

Despite all of this, though, I never liked coffee. In fact, I hated it. Oh, it tasted terrible - it kind of still does, to be honest. Coffee flavoured candy; coffee flavoured cakes...I actually still hate them. So, you see my problem, an insomniac with a hatred for the one barely healthy thing that could keep her awake. The thing is: I could take it. I can still function with two hours of sleep, so...I didn't need coffee.

A friend of my mom's once said to me that I would never be able to take this "brain of mine" when I got older without the caffeine. Truth is, years later, I'm sad to say she was right.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try cappuccinos. They were good and, seeing as I never had anything with caffeine, they had a pretty good effect on my body. Nowadays, I drink one every day, although I'm not sure how healthy that is. Probably not healthy at all. The cappuccinos have sporadically evolved to actual coffee with actual caffeine. Going to college next week, I figure a few months from now I'll be a caffeine junkie.

People's reactions to insonia-related issues are always funny to me. Once, when I said "I couldn't sleep" I actually had people tell me "What do you mean, you can't sleep? You close your eyes...and you sleep!" and I've always wondered how wonderful that must be. It's actually sad that, in order for me to sleep, I have to tire myself in every way possible. Otherwise, I'll just end up laying in my bed, always, always coming to the same conclusion that if I had my eyes open I would see the same exact thing and it wouldn't change a thing.