Hi guys! My name is Sophia and I decided I'll be writing here to share experiences about my everyday (or every month) life. just kidding. I love to write even if it's about my day, I feel like if there's no one you can talk to, just having a pen and a notebook or even your computer can make you feel a million times better when you put your feelings into words.
I know that not many people will be interested in reading the stories of a 20 year old girl, but I promise to share things that can help you and make all of us know that we are not fighting through problems alone, that someone that's maybe on the other side of the world is going through the same things as you.
Also my native language is not English is actually Spanish so I'm sorry if there are any mistakes. I also write some stuff in Spanish if you want you can check it out:)

|See you guys on the next article|