Hello everybody! I'm doing this fun "15 Days Writing Challenge" :)
This challenge is an idea from @eifos9... Thanks!

Well...Here we go!

Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!

My name is Calisto Baby, I'm from Panama and I really love this website cuz I can express myself. My favorite color is blue, like the beautiful Ocean.

panama, pride, and orgullo image

I love reading books and learning new things everyday. Especially when it comes to science, space, art and history.

architecture, church, and rome image

My favorite type of music is rock, alernative and pop. I've got a lot of fav bands.
My dream places are New York, Greece, Malta, London. I wish someday I could travel those, and so the World!

I think that's pretty much me in a nutshell.
Thanks for reading my article and I hope you guys liked it!
Stay tuned if you liked the challenge <3

Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!
Day 2. Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.
Day 3. Make a list of your favorite books.
Day 4. Make a list with things you couldn't live without.
Day 5. Write a short story.
Day 6. Make a list of your favorite movies.
Day 7. Write an article about something that you find interesting.
Day 8. Make a list of your favorite destinations.
Day 9. Your own idea, for a challenge.
Day 10. Write a book review.
Day 11. Make a list of places you want to go.
Day 12. Write a movie review.
Day 13. Write about your passion(s), or what you just really like to do.
Day 14. Write some facts about yourself.
Day 15. Make an Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer bucket list.

Love you lots!