You were my world and without you what do i have? A whole where my heart used to be

You made me feel so good yet so bad
I looked forward to seeing your smile everyday and hearing your soft voice
I miss the memories we had
All the late night conversations talking about anything and everything
The cold evenings cuddling to keep each other warm
The smiles and laughs, all these memories rushing back to me
It's killing me

But you're doing fine and i guess that's all that matters because you being happy is important to me even though you don't care that i am sitting here crying and pouring my heart out because i am feeling so much pain

I still think of texting you but do i really wanna hear how happy you are without me? Do i want to become more sad knowing i lost you for good?

What i would to have you back in my arms
To hear you say you miss me
I would do anything which sounds dangerous but what can i say?
I fucking miss you