We think we´re made of numbers; percentages on tests, likes on photos, pounds on scales...Truth is, we´re not. We´re emotions, happiness, soul. We´re late nights and good laughs, we´re much more than numbers.

A wise friend told me: "Society is nothing more than an evil soul merchant" and well, it´s true. Many people miss out on opportunities because of what others will think of them. Many are too concerned about taking photos to look good for social media, instead of taking them to create memories. It´s time to start living for ourselves, not for others. You got to smile to life, not just to the camera. 

Be grateful for being you in a world full of somebody elses. What you are no one can take it from you. Make sure you´re not selling your soul. Make sure you keep awakening, keep expanding, keep progressing, and keep evolving. Make sure you vibrate higher - daily. 

Your biggest goal in life should be to be genuinely happy. Stop taking simple things for granted. Start feeding your soul with faith, truth and love. The rest will flow on its own. 

If your soul´s bleeding, for whatever reason. It´s okay, you´re allowed to feel. This is all part of the process. BUT! don´t brush it off, don´t act like it´s not there. Feel it, embrace it, and it will let you go. "Think of it as broken glass: You need to acknowledge the glass is broken and sweep it up so you don´t step on it later." - Victoria Erickson