we say goodbye in the pouring rain and i break down as you walk away
It was all so unexpected in the moment but then i thought about all the times i cried not knowing what to say because i knew we were hopeless

Sitting there shaking thinking it's the end of the world wondering if i will ever have you in my arms again
Thinking back to the times you told me we will never have to feel this pain that i am feeling right now

I tried so hard for you but you never seen a good enough reason to stay
I looked you in the eyes and begged you not to go but you were already gone before i could say or do anything

Now the loneliness is coming back
It seems to be the only thing that ever comes back to me
soon enough the memory of you and i will fade from your mind but it will forever stick to mine

I had to say goodbye to the happiness that i thought we both were feeling but maybe it was just me and i am the only one saying goodbye because you never said hello