Come a little closer, I promise I won't bite you... at least under the sunlight.
But baby during the night I'm mad, so if you are not ready to be with a wild soul.. you know where the door is. I'm a beast, a wolf and I'm really sorry but I'm not talking about sex.
I'm talking about my real essence, and if you think you can handle it, if you think you are sure and you can be the one who walks with me into the woods... come a little colser.
Did you choose the dark side? Congratulations, welcome to my chaotic mind. I promise you are gonna have the best time of your life.
You were sure, too late to regret... you already made a desition.
Thank you... my soul used to feel so empty, so cold. Now that you are here I don't want to eat somebody's heart... I just want you to stay and hold me.
Believe me, if you love like I do... you will tame the beast.
So, if you still here when the fool moon is out... I will open my heart and soul to you and you are gonna kiss them untill they are warm again.
I want to feel your lips, your hands, your voice... I want to loose my reason in a divine hug.
And then, I swear... I will go a little closer.