Today it has been verified
By my thoughts and my own mind
That art is my lasting strong-suit
I’m just not the athletic kind

I’ve played and passed
And ran and screamed
I’ve won and lost
And everything in between

…..but I can’t prevail

I’ve progressed and gotten better
And connected with my team
But I guess I’m just not good enough
Or so to my coach it seems

It’s always damned if I do
And damned if I don’t
I can never seem to please her
But give up? I just won’t

I may not be the star player
But I take pride in being kind
Sports are not my greatest strength
But there’s something else on my mind

If my hits don’t go the farthest
It’s hard to hide my pout
I have other things I’m good at
I relentlessly draw my heart out

When my confidence is crushed
If I don’t get to play for long
It sucks at first but I wipe my tears
I go home and write a song

Art is what I’m made for
It makes my soul complete
And while I enjoy some time on the field
It just simply cannot compete

When I’m down in the blues
And my coach gives me sass
I pick my head up and get the fuck over it
because at drawing I kick ass

I hope you don’t think I’m boasty
(I just wrote about how I suck)
I’m just simply picking myself back up
Since today I felt down in the muck

But as I said before
And now I know for sure
Athletic I may not be the best
But I have something else to be my cure

So promise me you’ll remember
To not feel so bad
When you think you are a failure
Pick your head up, don’t be sad

We all have our talents!
And God gave you more than one
Your weaknesses can’t compare to your strengths
So for that you should thank Him a ton