Finally weekend.. School has just started and I am already tired, but I know we need to make an effort so that one day we will be someone!
This beautiful girl @Ghadaarf, told me to make some wardrobe basics without spending that much. Thanks for your idea sweetie!! Let´s go..

Basic t-shirts

fashion, pink, and black image
(Basic t-shirts is a must, you can play a t-shirt with almost everything and nowadays a t-shirt is cheaper)


fashion, style, and jeans image
(Some shirts are always a good idea if you want to look more formal)


jeans, fashion, and blue image
(We all need jeans right? So why don´t play with them, buy some ripped jeans and more simple jeans)


Temporarily removed
(Basic shoes are the best ones, because you can play with almost every outfit you make)


fashion and outfit image
(I know this is not really cheaper, but I assure you that you can use it with everything!!!)


rings, necklace, and grunge image
(They aren´t that expensive and complete the all look)

Hope you liked this article, and thank you to the people who sent me that amazing ideas, I am not done yet there are a lot of great ideas to come up in the next articles

Love you,